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Chapter 10
Site Collections and Web Applications
Until this point, you’ve done all your work in the first site collection that you created when you
installed SharePoint. You’ve explored web parts, lists, and libraries, and you’ve even built some
subsites. You’ve done all that in a single site collection within its web application. Now it’s time to branch
out and learn how and why to create additional site collections and additional web applications.
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to
Create and customize a new site collection
Create a new web application
Use managed paths
Configure anonymous access
Set specific zones for different access methods
Creating a Site Collection
We’ve mentioned site collections before; a separate top-level site and corresponding subsites
from the SharePoint site collection are used throughout this topic. A separate site collection is
obviously very different from a subsite. But from a user perspective, it looks the same. A site is
a site; it’s all just different URLs. Otherwise, a top-level site looks like a subsite. It is possible to
create all-new site collections, each with its own top-level site and subsites, but why would you
want to do such a thing?
Unlike a new site or subsite, a new site collection does not inherit anything from the
previous sites—although they all share global settings and web application settings, which will be
discussed later. This lack of inheritance can be very useful when you want to separate a batch of
SharePoint sites from your main site collection.
Having multiple site collections allows you to apply different settings than those of your
main site collection. A separate site collection lets you do the following:
Allow an entirely different group of people to be administrators for the site collection
Use separate, unique users, groups, and permissions
Back up just that site collection
Have unique workflows, site templates, list templates, activated features, site collection
solutions, content types, and site columns
Specify different storage quotas
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