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3. The first step is to choose the web application in which you want the site collection to
be created. We’ll discuss web applications later in the chapter, so for now leave the web
application set to the default web application, which for my example is SharePoint-80,
that was created during installation.
4. The Title and Description fields are treated the same way as when you create a site.
They apply to the top-level site in the new site collection. Enter a title for your new
toplevel site (and a description if you require). My example creates a new site collection for
the London office, so it uses Dem0tek London , with the description Main site for the
Dem0tek London Office.
5. The Web Site Address field is where you enter the URL for the new top-level site. Unlike
the URL for a subsite (which is placed in the path of the parent site), this URL starts at the
top of the web application and uses a managed path as the location for the new site. The
default managed path is /sites/; we’ll discuss how and why you might want to create and
use other paths later. For our purposes, this path is fine; just enter your desired URL. My
example uses london .
6. The templates in the Template Selection section are identical to those available when you
create a new subsite, but this time we are choosing the template for the site collection’s
top-level site. Any custom site templates you installed in the first site collection will not
be available here, because this is a new site collection and not part of the first one.
So, in the Template Selection section, for a top-level site you’d typically want to choose the
Team Site template, which is what I am going to use in my example.
You’ll notice the Custom tab has a Select Template Later option. This lets you create the site
collection without actually creating the top-level site (or applying a template to it). You won’t be able to
visit the site until you pick a template, but it will create the background galleries and site collection
settings. So, what’s the point?
Once the site collection is created, it has a working Solution Gallery. This gallery contains solutions,
which can include custom site templates (remember from the previous chapter that whenever you
save a site as a template, it becomes a solution and during site creation shows up as an option on
the Custom tab for templates). So when you create a new site collection, you can then add a custom
template to the Solution Gallery before creating the top-level site. Then, you apply that template to
the top-level site. So, during the Site Collection creation, you choose Select Template Later.
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