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Then, back at the new top-level site’s URL where you are asked to choose a site template, the
HRteam template shows up as an option. Choosing it will create the new top-level site using
your custom template.
It will then prompt you to choose people and groups for the new site; leave the defaults (since it’s a
fresh top-level site), and click OK. You now have a customized top-level site.
7. The Primary Site Collection administrator is the owner of this new site collection. New
site collections do not inherit any permissions from any other collections; therefore,
unless you enter someone’s username in this box, no one will be able to log on to the
new top-level site or administer it. For my example, shareadmin is the primary
administrator (Figure 10.2). The Secondary Site Collection administrator is a second
administrative account, and it’s a good idea to have a second account in case something happens
to the primary account or administrator. My example adds Amber, the London office’s
network administrator.
The Quota Template field lets you choose which quota template to apply to the site
collection. This quota will determine how large the site collection can get (in megabytes) and is
needed for storage reports on the individual sites within the collection. My example uses
No Quota because we haven’t created one yet. You can always apply a quota later.
8. Once you’re done, click OK. The new site will be created in the managed path (for my
example, http://spf2/sites/).
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