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If the fact that only site collection administrators can access a site collection makes you uneasy,
take heart. There are things you can do, of course, to gain access to any site collection in case of
emergency. Truly, the only user accounts that will be listed and available to log into the site
collection just af ter creation w ill be the site collection administrators, but there are always ways around
that if necessary. The hope is that you’ll never need them, but here are some alternate ways to access
site collections even if you aren’t the site collection administrator:
Any farm administrator can take over ownership of a site collection by using the Change Site
Collection Administrators link on the Application Management page of Central Administration.
On that page, the Farm Administrator can select the site collection and then see (and change)
who the primary and secondary administrators are.
The User Policy ribbon button on the Web Application Management page allows you to add an
account to the web application with administrative control over all site collections therein. This
page is used to apply user policies to web applications, affecting everything they contain. On
the Web Application page, you can select the web application that contains the site collection(s)
you want to be able to access (regardless of who the assigned administrators are) and then add
the account you are going to use, assigning it Full Control (the permission level administrators
have). T hat w ill give it administrative r fights over all site collections in the selected web
application. (For more about Policy For Web Application, see Chapter 12 “Users and Permissions”.)
As a last resort (otherwise you should never, ever log in with these), you can use the
The web application’s application pool account (accesses the web application’s content
The farm account (the account that accesses the configuration database, owns all the
bases in the farm, and runs the SharePoint timer jobs)
Search-related accounts: search service and the indexing for search (called the Content
Access account)
All of these service accounts, by default, must have access to all sites, although the search-related
accounts only have read access. They are not listed in People And Groups anywhere (as a matter
of fact, the web application pool and farm accounts are considered system accounts ), but you can
still use them to access a site collection. Do not use any of them to log into SharePoint except in an
extreme emergency.
Site Settings for Site Collections
Before we go to town on the new site collection—customizing the theme, adding subsites, and
installing new templates—let’s take a look at the settings that distinguish site collections. These are
settings that will apply to the entire site collection, from the top-level site down. You’ll recognize
a lot of the options from previous chapters, so let’s focus on those settings that apply to site
collections rather than simply sites. To view the site settings, click the Site Actions menu and choose Site
Settings. You’ll notice a lot of the links on this page are familiar—they are site settings that simply
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