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want to use that template on this new site collection, you can access the original site collection’s
Solution Gallery and download the template.
The company site’s
Solution Gallery
Then you can upload the .wsp file to the new site collection’s Solution Gallery by opening
the Solutions tab and, in the ribbon, clicking Upload Solution. The solution has to be activated
before you can use it. You can activate the file during upload (using that option in the form box
confirming the upload) or, once it’s in the gallery, click the Activate button. This template will
then be available whenever you create a new site within the Dem0tek London site collection (see
Figure 10.8).
The Dem0tek
London site’s Solution
The Site Template solution actually installs a site collection feature, which it then activates.
This feature, when activated, makes the template a selectable option when creating a new site.
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