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everything deleted by all users in the site collection. See Figure 10.11. The site collection–level
Recycle Bin is particularly useful if a user deleted something from somewhere in the site
collection but they can’t remember which site. They can ask the site collection administrator to check
the site collection Recycle Bin, which lists all things deleted in the site collection, regardless of
which site it originally came from.
FIGURE 10.11
The site collection
Recycle Bin
When an item is deleted, it goes to the end-user Recycle Bin, where it will sit happily for 30 days
before being permanently destroyed. If a user goes to their Recycle Bin and deletes an item, it is not
completely gone; instead, it is moved to the real second-stage, site collection–level Recycle Bin. This
Recycle Bin contains only items deleted from the end-user Recycle Bins at the site level. As you can
see in Figure 10.12, the elusive second-stage, site collection–level Recycle Bin is under the Deleted
From End User Recycle Bin view, tucked in the Quick Launch area for the Recycle Bin.
FIGURE 10.12
Recycle Bin
If an item is deleted from this second Recycle Bin, it’s gone for good. Basically, you can
restore practically anything that was deleted less than 30 days ago (or whatever the Recycle Bin
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