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This version of SharePoint makes it possible to create your own custom help collection from within
the site collection (although the help pages are just simple HTML). For example, in Chapter 8, we
created a custom Travel Request form and library in our original http://spf2 site collection. T his
was intended to be an easy and effective way for users to submit travel requests to HR for approval,
but let’s assume that some users are having a hard time figuring out how to ill out and submit the
form correctly. Creating a help topic called “Travel Requests” would allow them to click the Help
button and easily find the step-by-step information they need.
So, how do you go about creating help files? First, you need to make sure you’re in the site collection
where the help files are needed, which in our case would be the original Company Site, located at
http://spf2/. Custom help is set at the site collection level, so be sure to be on the top-level site.
Then, once you’re in the right site collection, you need to enable the Custom Site Collection Help
feature. This feature is installed by default but not activated. To activate it, simply go to Site Settings
Site Collection Administration Features.
1 .
Click Activate to turn the Custom Site Collection Help feature on.
The moment you turn on the feature, it creates a new library called Site Collection Help, found
under All Site Content. This custom library holds four content types:
Help Topic Essentially a help page, or a single question in a FAQ. It is usually an HTML
file and is uploaded to the library.
Help Media File Any supportive media files for a help topic to be uploaded.
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