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Help Category A category used to organize help files within a collection.
Help Collection The overarching name for the entire custom collection. It is what
will show up in the Help Settings page and is what you enable or disable for the site
2 .
When creating your own help collection, the first piece is the collection itself. So go to the
site collection help library, click the New Document button’s down arrow, and choose Help
Collection from the drop-down menu. In the form, you need to ill out the following:
name This must be unique, and it’s basically the name of the folder all the parts of the
collection will be placed inside. In the example, I’m using companysite .
Title This is what the users will see in the Help menu, in this case Company Site Help .
Locale ID This is the ID for the language the collection will be written in. For English,
it’s 1033.
Product This is the identifier for the entire help collection, regardless of language (so
you can have multiple help files, each written in a different language but all “assigned”
to the same product). In the example, I’m sticking with companysite .
Resources If your help files need custom JavaScript for CSS files to work, you should
enter them here. The example won’t use anything that fancy.
Display Position This controls where the item is displayed in its enclosing category;
for our example, just leave it at 0.
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