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Keep in mind that if you create a site collection and log into it with the site collection
administrator’s account, then you have the power to administer the site collection. However, to administer
site collections (and more) in Central Administration, you will need to log in with a farm
administrator’s account.
Configuring a site collection (such as creating storage quotas or managing paths) is a
server-level administrative task, and it is not something you’d expect the site collection
administrator to handle. Site collection administrators do not necessarily have access to Central
Administration. In the example, Amber (the London office network administrator) does not
have access to these settings, because she is just a site collection administrator. These settings
should be configured during or immediately after the initial creation of a new site collection
by a qualified farm administrator. The site collection administrator’s responsibilities should
occur in the site collection interface itself and focus on managing users, permissions, settings,
and content of the sites and subsites in her care. A farm administrator should configure Central
Administration–based settings. Central Administration can be accessed from SharePoint Server
by going to Administrative Tools SharePoint 2010 Central Administration. Then navigate to
the Application Management page.
Site Use Confirmation and Deletion
For each web application on the server, you can enable Site Use Confirmation notification and
Automatic Deletion. These settings are found in Central Administration, under Application
Management. In the Site Collections category, click the Confirm Site Use And Deletion link. This
will take you to the page shown in Figure 10.19.
FIGURE 10.19
The Site Use
Confirmation And
Deletion page
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