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FIGURE 10.21
The Site Collection
Quotas And
Locks page
Check the Site Collection section to make sure you’re editing the correct site collection before
you apply a quota or lock (and change it if necessary by clicking the Site Collection drop-down
menu, selecting Change Site Collection, and in the Select A Site Collection dialog box, selecting
your site collection and click OK ).
To apply a quota or quota template to the selected site collection, go to the Site Quota
Information section at the bottom of the page. You can either select a quota template that you’ve
previously created on the Quota Template page or choose the Individual Quota option. This
option lets you set the storage quota limits on the current individual site collection (as I have for
http://spf2/sites/london). This is useful if the site collection requires quota settings that
don’t it with current quota templates.
On this page, you can also set a site lock on the site collection or check its lock status. (Tip:
When troubleshooting why a particular site collection cannot be accessed when others can,
always check here to eliminate the chance that the site collection has gone over quota or has
been manually locked.)
Site locks are a quick way to prevent access to a site collection without having to go into the
Site Settings page for that site collection and edit everyone’s permission level. By default, site
collections are unlocked. Access to the site collection, in that case, is determined by the permission
level the user has on the Site Settings page for that site. Other Site Lock settings are as follows:
Adding Content Prevented No new content (even a new field for a list item) can be added
to the site collection. The site collection can still be viewed, and existing content can be
updated or deleted. This is the lock setting that is automatically triggered when a Site Quota
limit is reached.
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