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Read-Only The site collection can be viewed, but no additions, edits, or deletions are
No Access The site is completely locked and cannot even be viewed.
When you change a site lock to any of these three options (anything but Unlocked), the
Additional Lock Information text box will appear on the page, shown in Figure 10.22. This box
is required for any lock to be placed on a site collection. The text in this box is shown to users
when they try to access the locked site (or perform a locked action). Always enter some
information explaining to your users why you’ve locked the site, as I have in my example.
FIGURE 10.22
The Additional Lock
Information box
Let’s say you create a quota template for a particular type of site collection (for example, personal
blogging sites for users) and set it to 300 MB. Then you create a bunch of site collections using that
quota. Later you decide to upgrade everyone’s disk space to 500 MB, so you edit the template to
reflect the change. Any new site collections created with this template will be set to 500 MB. This
will not, however, change the settings for any existing site collection that has already had the
template applied. Those collections will stay at a 300 MB limit until you manually reapply the quota
to the site collections on the Site Quotas and Locks page. It is possible to update quotas on a large
number of existing site collections by using the PowerShell command Set-SPSite -Identity
<Site> ” -QuotaTemplate “ <Template> ” and writing a script that runs this command on all
the desired sites.
A site collection’s quota is for everything in that site collection, including the end-user Recycle
Bin. Therefore, having people delete stuff won’t free up any space unless the deleted items are also
emptied from the Recycle Bin. The second-stage site collection Recycle Bin, which only
administrators can see, does not count toward the quota; instead, it’s limited to a conigurable percentage of
the quota (above and beyond the collection’s quota). The exact percentage is configured at the web
application level, as discussed later in the chapter.
If you add a quota limit to a site collection that is already bigger than the quota limit allows, the site
collection will immediately be locked. Therefore, if you’re not sure, check the size of an existing
site collection before applying a quota.
The next three settings for site collections are pretty self-explanatory, although very useful
(and are also covered in Chapters 11 and 12). Change Site Collection Administrators lets you
change who the primary and secondary administrators are for a selected site collection, and
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