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FIGURE 10.28
IIS shows the new
FIGURE 10.29
The Select Web
Application page
3. Choose your new web application, and click OK. You will be taken back to the
familiar Create Site Collection page, but now the page shows the new web application. See
Figure 10.30.
4. For the title, my example uses Personal Blogs and gives a brief description. You’ll notice
the Web Site Address field is showing the new URL for the web application. We’re
going to make this site collection the root of the web application, so the complete URL is
5. Create a new top-level site using the Team Site template (it makes a good portal for
the user blog site collections that will be created from there), use your account (mine is
shareadmin ) as the primary administrator, and apply a quota template. (My example uses
the Blog Quota we created earlier.) Then click OK. When you’re done, browse to your
new site collection, as shown in Figure 10.31.
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