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If you chose SharePoint Blog as the blog type and your blog is in a web application using
claimsbased authentication, you may need to log in to the blog via a web browser to pull a claims
token—at that point, LiveWriter can automatically connect to the blog. Otherwise, LiveWriter
might fail to authenticate.
Browser File Handling This setting has two options. Permissive doesn’t make any
noticeable changes to the user’s browser experience (the browser will behave the way it
does on any other site). Strict attaches headers to particular file types—overriding the
browser’s normal behavior and instead requiring the browser to download the file (rather
than attempt to render it). If you are using a page viewer web part to display a file and
whenever the page opens it prompts you to download that file instead, consider changing
this setting to permissive.
7. Leave the default of Strict in place.
Web Page Security Validation This setting determines how long a user can remain idle
before having to log in again. If you have a lot of users who tend to sit idle with a form
half-filled out on their screen and you’re not concerned with desktop security, you may
want to extend the timeout period or disable it.
8. For this example, leave the default setting.
Send User Name And Password In E-mail This setting is relevant only if Active
Directory Account Creation mode (ADAC) is enabled.
When this setting is enabled, and when an account is created for a user, they will receive
a notification email detailing their username and password. Without this setting enabled,
the user will require an administrator to reset the password in Active Directory.
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