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FIGURE 10.35
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Throttling page
List View Threshold This limits how many items in a list can be accessed in a single
database operation. For example, this limits how many items can be shown in a list view web
part. The default is 5000. (The minimum threshold is 2000.) When a database query to a large
list is made that exceeds the threshold, an “Expensive Query” exception error is displayed,
explaining that the query has hit the threshold.
Object Model Override When enabled, this allows the previous threshold to be overridden
(ignored) by custom-built queries. So if you need to run custom, large-count queries on the SQL
database, you can do so. Running a command to use the override requires the command be run
as an administrator (or another account with explicit permission on the web application).
List View Threshold For Auditors And Administrators This is the same threshold, but for
administrators and auditors (people who have been granted either Full Control or Full Read
permission via a permission policy at the web application level). The default is 20,000. This
threshold is applied only when one of those accounts queries the list via an object model (so
Object Model Override must also be enabled). When viewing lists normally, the standard List
View Threshold setting still applies.
List View Lookup Threshold This limits how many lookup fields (fields that need to pull
data from other lists) a list can contain.
Daily Time Windows For Large Queries This allows you to set a time period when the
thresholds are not observed, so large list queries can be run (by anyone) without triggering
an exception.
List Unique Permissions Threshold This threshold sets how many unique permission
changes a list can have, including custom permissions on list items or on the list itself.
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