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Identify the three ways of installing SharePoint Foundation Choose the best three ways
of installing SharePoint Foundation for you. With SharePoint, how you choose to install it
defines how it works. Making the wrong choice can come back to haunt you. Know what
you’re in for, and choose the correct installation type for your business.
Master It If you were going to install SharePoint on one server (no existing SQL server)
for a small business of about 50 people, what installation type would you choose?
Set up the necessary accounts that SharePoint needs to run When SharePoint is installed
on a domain, it needs user accounts to assign to its services. Knowing what permissions
and roles those accounts require will help you avoid problems when installing and running
Master It What is a Database Access Account? Is it known by any other names?
Recognize the new features and requirements of SharePoint SharePoint has features that
require additional planning and setup to function properly. Make sure you know what they
are and what they require.
Master It What new feature of SharePoint Foundation allows SharePoint to access data
from external data sources?
Plan for hardware requirements Don’t let SharePoint outgrow its hardware before it really
gets started. Prepare for growth. Establish your company’s baseline operations per second
and storage needs before installing SharePoint.
Master It What is the formula to calculate the storage requirements that a SharePoint
server would need in a given environment?
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