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FIGURE 10.46
Self-Service Site
Management page
Whoever creates a self-service site collection is by default the owner of the site collection, and
they can add, edit, and remove other people, groups, permissions, permission levels, subsites,
and all site content. However, they still do not have any administrative rights to the original,
main parent site or access to Central Administration. They’re only a big fish in their own small
pond. But they are still big enough to impact storage as they add to their site collections and then
build up activity as the people they add join them there. It is important to regularly monitor
usage to see where growth is happening. Keep in mind that self-service site creation gives users
the opportunity to create a site collection of their very own, but it doesn’t limit them to just one.
When enabling self-service site creation, you will want to consider setting some limits in order
to manage the possible storage load that all of those user site collections could pose on whatever
server is hosting the web application’s data. The first thing is to place a default storage quota on
your web application for all newly created site collections. We just created a new web application
(http://spf2:8080) and set the storage quota on creation, so that’s done. If you need to add a
default storage quota to an existing site, the setting is found under General Settings.
The other key settings to consider are for automatic deletion and usage notifications under
Site Use Confirmation And Deletion. These settings are shown in Figure 10.47. A lot of users will
create new site collections, use them once, and leave them to linger forever. You can prevent this
by enabling automatic deletion, as covered earlier in the chapter.
If you enable autodeletion, you are strongly encouraged to require a secondary
administrative contact for site collection creation. The last thing you want is to have a site collection deleted
because the one person getting the email notifications is on vacation. In my example, I’m going
to force notification but not enable auto-delete at this point. If it looks like the self-service site
creation is being abused, I will come back and enable it.
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