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FIGURE 10.47
Enabling site
use confirmation
and deletion
C R E A T I N G A S E L F -S E R V I C E S I T E C O L L E C T I O N
When self-service site creation is enabled, a new announcement will appear in the Announcements
list on the top-level site of your root site collection. This announcement contains a link to create a
new site collection (see Figure 10.48), starting with the top-level site. This is the only way users can
use self-service site creation, so don’t delete this announcement! In fact, it’s recommended you add
the Announcements List Web part to the home page of the top-level site. (You can find details on
adding a List View web part in Chapter 5.)
If needed, you can also add the link provided in the announcement to the Links web part,
top link bar, or Quick Launch bar (detailed in Chapter 9).
FIGURE 10.48
The self-service
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