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Clicking this link takes the user to a modified New SharePoint Site page. Ironically, it does
not take the user to the Create Site Collection page. If you notice, in the address bar, the page is
scsignup.aspx, which means it is in fact the site collection sign-up page and not going to just
create a new subsite.
However, the page is almost exactly like any other Create Site Collection page, except there is
no option to choose a site quota or specify the owner (because the person creating it is by
definition the owner).
You’ll also notice that you have the option to pick in which managed path to place the new
site collection. In my example, Basil is going to create his blog in the blogs/sales managed path
we created earlier.
Because it’s creating a new site collection (not just a SharePoint site as the page title suggests),
there is no option to inherit permissions or navigation; instead, there is a new section to assign
any additional site administrators. If you configured self-service site creation to require a
secondary contact, this field must have at least one person listed in order to be able to create the site
collection (as shown in Figure 10.49).
FIGURE 10.49
administrative contact
Once the site is created, it will take the user to the Set Up Groups For This Site page, where
they can quickly add users to the default SharePoint groups for their site (Figure 10.50). Keep in
mind that they can add other users later under Site Permissions or People And Groups in Site
Settings, if they don’t do so here. Once that’s done, the site is fully created and can be accessed
from the main URL. No link to it is created on the first site collection site; if you want a link
there, you’ll need to add one manually.
As a matter of fact, remember that site collections are islands; they don’t have convenient links
to other sites or site collections outside of themselves. You may want to consider configuring the
Portal Connection setting in the top-level site of any new site collection to link to the Personal
Blogs site collection so the users can get back to the site collection they started from.
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