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Scriptable Web Parts Can be added or edited by contributors (users with contribute
permissions) when this is enabled, so web parts with scripts can be applied and modified on
web part pages. This is disabled (Prevent) by default. If you want your contributors to be able
to work with content editor web parts, this setting must be enabled.
FIGURE 10.54
The Security
For Web Part
Pages page
User Policy
If you want to give particular user(s) explicit rights to the entire web application (and all the
site collections inside), you can apply them here. No matter what the permissions are on an
individual site collection, site, or even list item, this user would have certain rights applied at
the web application level. Typically this is used for service accounts (such as the search indexer),
but it can be used for any other account (for example, to allow the user to bypass the List View
Threshold discussed earlier).
1. To give a user access to the entire web application, in the Manage Web Applications page,
select the web application (for example, http://spf2:8080), and click the User Policy
button in the ribbon. This takes you to the page shown in Figure 10.55.
FIGURE 10.55
The Policy For Web
Application page
Here you can see the current user policies configured for the web application. Let’s create
a new policy giving saffron the policy Full Control to the web application, so no
matter what happens to the site collections (such as users with self-service site collections
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