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users will have to browse directly to the list or library to see it because they will not be
allowed elsewhere in the site.
Nothing No anonymous access is permitted. This is the default.
When anonymous access is granted by using the Entire Web Site setting, the anonymous user
is given the Limited Access permission level by default (meaning they can only read and not
write). Therefore, choosing Entire Web Site will not give them full control but will merely allow
anonymous users to have limited access to view the entire site collection. You can find more
information about permission levels in Chapter 12.
If you set anonymous access to allow access to the entire site, a visiting user does not need to
log in to see the site (Figure 10.61). The Account menu (that usually indicates the logged-in user’s
name) is replaced with a Sign In link. This allows users to opt to log in if they want to contribute
to the site. Of course, people who do not have a valid user account to the site will not be able
to log in. Notice that for the Team Site template, a Publish ribbon tab appears for anonymous
users. This is triggered because of the wiki home page but is not useful for the anonymous user
because all settings are grayed out. The Site Actions menu is available, but the only option
available is to see All Site Content.
FIGURE 10.61
A site with
anonymous access
SharePoint Foundation has a known issue with anonymous access and site themes. For some reason,
site themes cannot be rendered for nonauthenticated users. So if you have a theme applied to a site,
an authenticated user (like your account) can see the theme, but the site will display the default (no
theme) if an anonymous user accesses it.
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