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Chapter 2
Standalone Installation
Generally, installing a new software product is not the most important part of working with it,
and you might be wondering why a whole chapter (much less two) might be devoted to it.
This is why: SharePoint can function differently depending on how it’s installed. Also, to
install SharePoint at all, the server must be prepared properly. Without preparation, there will
be no SharePoint. SharePoint has to be prepared for, installed properly, and finally, some settings
must be configured simply to use the product. Therefore, devoting some pages to preparation,
installation, and post-installation configuration makes plenty of sense.
In this chapter, you will learn to
Prepare for the installation of SharePoint
Install SharePoint using the Standalone installation option
Determine what gets created when SharePoint installs
Perform the initial configuration tasks after a SharePoint install (and understand why you
perform them)
Preparing for SharePoint Foundation 2010 Installation
To install SharePoint, you’ll need to do some preparation. This section will discuss the little
things that SharePoint requires before it can install and do its thing. Luckily, with this
version of SharePoint, it is not necessary to hunt down and individually install all the
prerequisites before the SharePoint installation. Instead, SharePoint’s installer has a splash page that
allows you to prepare for the installation and select to have the prerequisites checked and
installed for you.
Chapter 1, “SharePoint Foundation 2010 Under the Hood,” outlined the hardware and
software technologies a SharePoint installation requires. Here’s a quick recap:
SharePoi nt Fou ndation (SPF for short) is a free Microsoft download, but obviously this means
you can’t skip downloading the installation file in order to have SharePoint Foundation on
your server (a previous version of the product was built in as a server role at one point). The
current installation file will be conveniently named SharePointFoundation.exe. Since it
can install only on 64-bit systems, there isn’t a 32-bit version.
Windows Server 2008 (Service Pack 1 or higher) or Server 2008 R2 or newer is required.
The OS architecture must be 64-bit. Therefore, the hardware, obviously, must support
64-bit operations. There are no 32-bit options here, not even for evaluation. SharePoint
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