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save the changes. The public URL will be added to the web application and automatically
generate a new internal URL to match. For example, you could use the URL http://blogserver as
the Extranet zone for the web application http://spf2:8080. See Figure 10.78.
FIGURE 10.78
Adding a public
URL this way is a
bad idea.
Although this method will work for browsing the web application, it has one key
difference from the full Extend A Web Application process: it doesn’t create a new IIS Web Site for
the new public URL. This means that there are no new security settings available for the URL,
and no host header exists in IIS to direct traffic to the correct web application (SharePoint does
the redirect on the backend). Although editing existing public URLs is fine if they are extended
web applications, you really shouldn’t create new public URLs this way. It simply doesn’t allow
you the flexibility of being able to apply unique authentication or policy settings for the URL,
because it doesn’t have a corresponding Web Site in IIS.
R E M O V I N G A P U B L I C URL ( B Y R E M O V I N G A N E X T E N D E D W E B A P P L I C A T I O N )
You could conceivably just delete the entry for a public URL, regardless of whether it is
associated with an extended web application. But the correct way to remove an extended web
application’s public URL from a web application’s mapping is to use the Remove SharePoint From IIS
Web Site link on the Manage Web Applications page (on the Delete button’s drop-down menu)
This essentially removes the extended web application itself.
In the resulting Remove SharePoint From IIS Web Site window (Figure 10.79), you have
the option of removing only the association of the web application with the IIS Web Site in
SharePoint or removing the IIS Web Site altogether. Whether you choose to delete the IIS Web
Site, this will remove the public URL from the list in Alternate Access Mapping.
Make sure you select the correct IIS Web Site and zone to remove from the extended web
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