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Chapter 11
Central Administration
This chapter is intended to give you a reference point for all of those settings links on the Central
Administration site. Chances are good that you will never use some of them, but it’s nice to know
what they are, just in case. Many of these settings are covered extensively in other chapters (and if
that is the case, it will be noted throughout this chapter). However, some settings are so specific to
the farm that they may not necessarily be covered while focusing on tasks in other chapters. If so,
those settings will be covered in more detail here. Overall, this chapter is intended for you to find
Central Administration settings all in one spot.
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to
Understand Central Administration’s organization
Configure managed accounts
Set the server farm’s default database server
Determine where to stop and start farm services
Manage a farm’s solutions and features
The Central Administration Site Interface
As you know, SharePoint creates an administrative web application during installation. All
SharePoint administration that applies to the farm as a whole, or web applications and site
collections in particular, are configured in this web application’s site collection pages. Those
settings are stored in the farm’s configuration database.
This administrative web application is called Central Administration. When this web
application is created, it is assigned a unique port number for security reasons; this helps obscure the site
from casual browsers. Central Administration also contains one top-level site in its primary site
To access Central Administration, simply open a browser (preferably Internet Explorer
7 or higher), enter the SharePoint server address that is hosting the Central Administration
site (it is often the first SharePoint server on a farm if you are not using a standalone server),
and then add the port number. My example uses http://spf2:9876. (As you may
remember, when we installed this SharePoint server in Chapter 3, “Complete Installation,” that
port number was selected because it was easy to remember.) This means you can access the
Central Administration site from any machine with a browser on your network; you are
not limited to accessing it only from the SharePoint server. However, if you want to access
the Central Administration site from the server where you installed SharePoint, you can
use the shortcut that SharePoint adds to the Start menu (Start All Programs Microsoft
SharePoint 2010 Products SharePoint 2010 Central Administration). That shortcut just
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