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opens the browser to the site’s address, such as http://spf2:9876 (the same address my
example just used). Regardless, the shortcut is useful if you have forgotten the port number
for the site. Of course, you can also go into the IIS console and check the port for the Central
Administration web application if you forget.
When you install SharePoint, the Central Administration site is created with your setup
account as the only owner. However, unlike any other site collection, Central Administration
also allows, by default, the built-in Administrators group to log in (in case of emergency, such as
when the farm administrator’s password is forgotten). This means if you are a domain
administrator, the local server’s administrator, or you are using the setup account, you can log in to
Central Administration. My example uses the setup account, setupacct, to log in, as you’ll see
on the Account menu in figures throughout the chapter.
Keep in mind that I am using the setup account to log in for simplicity’s sake; this is the one account I
know you can use to log in; because if it doesn’t work, that means SharePoint isn’t installed. Otherwise,
under normal circumstances, you should never use the SharePoint setup account for anything but
installing and configuring SharePoint. I’ve mentioned that elsewhere, but it bears repeating.
If you do not know how to add additional farm administrators, simply click the Manage The Farm
Administrators Group link under Security on the Central Administration home page. It will take
you to the Farm Administrators People And Groups page, where you can click New and add user
accounts or security groups to the Farm Administrators group. For more information about adding
farm administrators, see Chapter 12, “Users and Permissions.”
In Figure 11.1, you can see that the site has a lot of the standard interface features. It has the
top ribbon bar, a title area, a Quick Launch bar, and a content area. What it doesn’t have is a top
link bar or Search. That’s right. No search for Central Administration—the one place where an
administrator could really use a Search feature.
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