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In the Quick Launch bar is the link for the Central Administration home page at the top,
and below that are links to each of the settings categories for the site: Application Management,
System Settings, Monitoring, Backup And Restore, Security, Upgrade And Migration, General
Application Settings, and Configuration Wizards (which only contains the wizard you can use
to set up the farm with the Standalone installation defaults).
In the content area of the page are the same category headings as in the Quick Launch bar,
with some common settings below them. Keep in mind that not all the settings available for the
farm (or even the most common) under those headings are displayed. The links here are what
Microsoft thinks would be most useful.
Along with those category headings, and a smattering of the settings links beneath them, is a
small web part zone on the right containing the Links list view web part, which has been renamed
Resources . As you know, hyperlink fields can be used to open anything, including file shares, Word
documents, and websites. This web part gives administrators the chance to add a few additional
resources that might be appropriate for working on SharePoint (such as a link to the Microsoft
SharePoint sites or the TechNet Windows SharePoint Foundation 2010 technical library online).
The home page of Central Administration, like most home pages, is a web part page, and although
it has a section in the content area for the categories and their settings, but it also has two web part
zones, one on the right (containing the Resources web part) and one directly below the headings.
You can see and use these zones when you edit the page.
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