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to reinstall it from scratch so you’ll have a completely fresh configuration database on which
to rebuild. This is why you should create a unique web application (or at least a different site
collection) for the SharePoint administrators so you can have calendars, discussions, document
libraries, wikis, and the like, to foster communication between administrators and leave Central
Administration for configuration settings only. This way, you can back up and restore the
administrator’s content on a new server, if necessary, without issue.
Administration’s site
Always, always, always document the settings you make in Central Administration, as well as
at the site collection, site, and even list levels of SharePoint. Documentation never hurts when it
comes to restoring SharePoint. This will take effort on your part, because there is no built-in easy
command to run that will generate an inventory of changes and objects you’ve made. However,
making a point of recording your changes will come in handy later. There are some very simple
spreadsheets available on the TechNet site for SharePoint Foundation; they’re under Planning and
Architecture, Planning Worksheets, if you’d like to try them.
Each category heading in the Quick Launch bar (or if you select the heading in the content
area of the home page) opens into its own page of settings. From there you can use the Quick
Launch bar, the title breadcrumb, or the Navigate Up button in the top ribbon bar to get back to
the home page of the Central Administration site at any time.
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