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Workflow The form box for this setting has refreshingly few settings (Figure 11.6), all
concerning how users will relate to workflows in all sites for the web application. The
settings box contains two sections—one to allow (or disallow) users to build custom
workflows from existing workflow pieces deployed to the site (but not necessarily add
their own) and one to allow for workflow notification regarding users accessing workflow
tasks and external users participating in document workflows.
The Workflow
Settings form
Outgoing E-mail This settings box also has a page you can go to from the System
Settings category’s E-mail and Text Messages (SMS) subcategory. This setting is
configured for the whole farm in Chapters 2 and 3. To be able to send out alerts and
notifications, SharePoint requires a valid email address and outgoing email server. However,
that page under System Settings applies to the whole farm; here, you can set the outgoing
email settings per web application, overriding the farm’s outgoing email settings.
The fields to configure in this settings box are Outbound SMTP Server, From Address
(which can be fictitious but probably shouldn’t be), Reply To Address (needs to be real so
users can reply), and the default character set used for those outgoing emails.
Mobile Account This settings box has the same settings as the Configure Mobile
Account Settings page in the System Settings E-mail And Text Messages (SMS)
subcategory. However, that settings page affects the whole farm; you can configure a different
mobile account for individual, selected web applications here. For SharePoint to be
capable of sending text messages in addition to email messages for alerts and notifications, the
server must be set up with a mobile account (there will be a fee involved, much as if you’d
purchased a cell phone for the server). A number of carriers support SharePoint server
mobile accounts. In the forms box for this setting is a link to a page listing service
providers at the Microsoft Office Online site. Once you’ve set up the account, you’ll be provided
with a URL, username, and password to use the service. You can test the account to be
sure you have configured it properly, by using the Test Service button (Figure 11.7).
SharePoint Designer Interestingly, the SharePoint Designer settings can’t be set
farmwide; they are always set per web application. This setting is also available per web
application under General Application Settings SharePoint Designer Configure
SharePoint Designer Settings.
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