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Because of that, the details about each option in the forms box for the setting are the same
here as there. You can configure whether SharePoint Designer access is even enabled for
the web application (and the sites it contains), and if it is, if site collection administrators
can detach pages, customize master and layout pages, or manage the site’s URL
structure. For more details, see the SharePoint Designer settings in the “General Application
Settings” section of this chapter.
The Mobile
Account form box
That’s it for the different settings pages available under the General Settings button. Let’s
move on to the rest of the buttons in the Ribbon.
Manage Features The Manage Features form displays only existing features that have been
deployed to the selected web application. SharePoint Features can be created to run in the
scope of a farm, web application, site collection, or single site and can be activated or
managed at that point.
Features are sort of standalone additions to SharePoint’s functionality (like adding ratings,
an add-on for the developer dashboard, or more control over buttons on a list’s ribbon bar),
which can be installed using STSADM or PowerShell and then activated at the level it is
scoped for, be it farm, web application, or site collection. One of the more useful things is that
after installation, a feature can be activated or deactivated at the level it is scoped; it doesn’t
need to be removed to turn it on and off.
When you have a feature that is meant to be used for a site collection or site, you simply see
it and manage it at that level. However, to see what features are applied at the farm- or
webapplication level, you need to go to Central Administration—of course. Just as obviously,
this is the box where you can see what features are available in SharePoint that are scoped
to affect the selected web application. The box itself simply displays the installed features
scoped for web applications with a column to indicate the activation status of the features. To
install and uninstall features, you have to use STSADM or PowerShell.
Features can be added as part of a larger solution package. Solutions are often larger
additions to SharePoint’s functionality and can contain a number of features, definitions,
templates, and web parts. Solutions are added to the farm and, if they are scoped for it, can be
deployed at different levels in the farm, just like a feature. If a feature appears available at the
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