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at least the site collections the users have forgotten about can be deleted after a certain time. Also
remember to specify a default quota in the general settings of the web application that has this
setting enabled to keep user site collections from getting too large.
FIGURE 11.21
The Self-Service
Site Collection
Management page
The trick to enabling self-service site creation is that you must have a site collection at the
root of the web application that will contain the user-created site collections. When you enable
self-service site creation, it will create an Announcements list item with a link to the Self-Service
Site Creation page for the users to use to create their site collections (scsignup.aspx). Without
that list at the top-level site of the site collection at the root of the web application, this option
will not work. This is also why you should consider having the Announcements list view web
part on the home page of the top-level site of that root site collection, because it’s essentially
going to be the portal through which users will go to create their site collections. You can also
copy that link from the announcement into an email to send the users or make it a link in the
Quick Launch or a tab in the top link bar.
The Self-Service Site Collection Management page has very few settings—Yes or No and
Require a Secondary Contact. Requiring the user to designate a second person to manage a site
collection is not only useful if the primary administrator goes missing, but it also helps avoid
too many “practice” or “test” site collections.
Service Applications
This subcategory contains links to settings that relate to service applications. Previously, only
SharePoint Server supported service applications. But as of this version, Microsoft has decided
to have more of the Server infrastructure available in the Foundation product, which makes
sense. Because of that, there are a few services that are surfaced but not conigurable in Central
Administration, and there are a few that can be enabled, disabled, and so on. One service, the
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