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As you can see in Figure 11.23, a new BDC service application instance requires you to
specify a name and application pool (which will be used as the BDC service application’s
identity). The BDC service application also requires its own database (and requisite database
information such as server name, authentication, and failover).
Connect Some service applications can be shared between farms; these will be listed in the
button’s drop-down menu. So if there were another farm and it had a service application that
was capable of being shared, you could connect to it (Figure 11.24).
FIGURE 11.24
The Connect To A
Remote Service
Application form
To connect to a service application in a different farm, the service application must be
published so it can have a published URL (that URL can be very unintuitive). Connecting to
another farm’s service applications does require a trust relationship with that other farm.
Delete Deletes the selected service application or proxy.
Manage Allows you to manage the settings of the selected service application or proxy
connection. Out of the box, the BDC service and its proxy are manageable, and the settings for
the Usage and Health data collection service application can be edited.
Because the BDC service application has a number of moving parts, there are a few
additional bits that can be edited. We’ll get to those in a moment.
The Manage page is filtered by what type of item you want to see and manage in relation to
the selected service application (Figure 11.25). In the case of a Business Data Connectivity
service, there are three components to manage:
The BDC Model Basically the application definition file for the service application
instance. BDC models, since they are definition files, can be exported and imported, with all
the XML metadata for the BDC model, complete with localized names, properties,
permissions, and proxies (if you want). When you are managing BDC models, the ribbon will have
buttons for Import, Delete, and Export, as well as setting permissions. When exporting BDC
models, you can choose to export all the metadata for your setup, or just the “resource”
definition, containing any or all permissions, localized names, or proxies.
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