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3. You’ll then see the end-user license agreement (EULA) page. You must, of course, accept the
license agreement in order to move on with the prerequisites. When you’re finished reading
it, click the check box to agree to the terms of the license agreement, and then click Next.
At that point, the preparation tool will begin installing prerequisites. You can watch as
each of the expected items gets installed and configured (Figure 2.4). The really nice
thing about this part of the tool is that it reports when it started the prerequisite
installation process and how long each part is taking. It will also display, in real time, exactly
what items it is installing.
When the prerequisite installation is finished, the tool will display a Your System Needs
A Restart... page, displaying what was installed. If there were any problems, this page
will list what failed so you can ix it, but more often than not, the prerequisites install
without a hitch. You can see in Figure 2.5 that the hotixes and several other prerequisites
require the server to reboot to complete installation. Your prerequisite installation might
not require a reboot, and in that case, it will simply indicate that the process is complete
and everything installed successfully.
4. Closing out of the preparation tool will trigger an abrupt reboot (if required). If you are
ready for the server to reboot and complete the prerequisite installation, click Finish. (You
can also review the prerequisite installer log file if you need to do so, by clicking the link
on that page before finishing.)
It may not be a bad idea to run Windows Update after reboot, to see whether any of the new items
installed require any patches or updates before continuing. Also, be sure to check the event logs to
be sure there are no hidden issues with the server you need to resolve before continuing.
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