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If a feature were not active, you would simply click the Activate button to activate it. The
same goes for deactivation. Activating the feature will make the function available for use at
the level it was scoped, which in this case is the solutions gallery at the site collection level
(Figure 11.40).
FIGURE 11.40
The farm feature applied
at the site
collection level
As of the writing of this topic, the Browse button, which is the point of the farm feature
shown in Figure 11.40, takes you to the website, which only contains things related to
Microsoft Office products, and offers no SharePoint solutions, templates, or web parts. Maybe in
the future they might offer something related to SharePoint, but at this point there seems very little
reason for this button to be available in a SharePoint Solution Gallery.
To deactivate a feature scoped at the farm level, simply go back to the Manage Farm
Features page and click the Deactivate button (which will then turn into an Activate
button, should you want to activate the feature again). It will warn you that you are about
to deactivate a feature. Click the link on the warning page to continue, and the feature will
be deactivated.
Keep in mind that features are installed and then activated; by contrast, solutions are added, then
deployed, and then components can be activated. Despite the apparent extra step, solutions are
easy to create and deploy, so expect to add many more solutions for your farm than features.
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