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personal or private information that might accidentally end up in the report shouldn’t be used
by Microsoft. For this option, you can opt to let SharePoint collect the error reports and send
them to Microsoft, to collect error reports and send them in from any client running scripts
from the server, and/or to silently send reports to Microsoft without any prompting, such as
when unsuspecting users log in. The option to opt out of sending these reports willy-nilly to
Microsoft is rather troubling in itself, saying that it would simply ignore errors and not collect
any data—which sounds like it would simply ignore errors you need to know about in
punishment for not opting to participate in the error report–sending party. You can have the server
collect the error reports but not select to do anything else with them. It should then prompt you
with the option, whenever an error report is generated, to send it to Microsoft or not.
Finally, the last section, External Web-Based Help, lets you choose whether to allow
SharePoint to display help from external sources if they’re triggered in the help pages of
internal help. If you’ve ever used SharePoint help, you probably know that it needs all the external
assistance it can get. Further, those help pages are often updated with better, more helpful, even
more accurate data well after the product releases—which is why it is recommended that you
opt to allow SharePoint to access external help sources (Figure 11.43).
FIGURE 11.43
The Privacy
Options page
C O N F I G U R E C R O S S -F I R E W A L L A C C E S S Z O N E
Primarily intended to be used with Microsoft’s Forefront firewall products, this setting allows you
to configure a zone for each web application to be used to allow cross-firewall access for mobile
devices, as shown in Figure 11.44. You can simply select a zone per web application that will be
used to allow for access through firewalls and then have your mobile users use that zone’s URL.
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