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granular as you’d like configuring the severity listed for alerts, email, or gatherer events. You can
also configure Event Log Protection, which will keep repeated events from flooding the event logs.
In addition to throttling diagnostic events, there are also settings for managing trace logs,
such as the log location and maximum limit to the size of the log files.
It is often a good thing to put the logs on a different drive than the system files. If you do,
just be sure that all SharePoint servers also have the same path available for their logs. Also, the
WSS_ADMIN_WPG group must have full control, the WSS_WPG group needs read and execute
(and read rights to the folder above it for some reason), and the account used by the Tracing
service (SPTraceV4) needs read and modify rights to the location as well.
The size of the trace logs is important because they can become huge. Be aware that the
default size limit setting for trace logs is 1000 GB, which is far larger than the suggested
minimum drive size to install SharePoint. Consider dropping that to only a few gigabytes instead,
and just keep an eye on the logs more often in case anything goes awry. Also keep in mind, to
avoid going over the limit if it is getting close, SharePoint will delete the oldest logs in the folder.
If keeping all the historical data in the logs is important to you, back up those logs regularly. For
more details about diagnostic logging, see Chapter 13.
FIGURE 11.48
The Diagnostic
Logging page
This underwhelming settings page doesn’t actually give you a health report. Instead, it simply
shows you the slowest pages on the server, and the most active users, in a given range of time.
To use the page, choose between the two reports, specify whether you want to see results
from all servers and web applications in the farm, or specify a particular server or web
application. Then specify how many items to display per page and the range of time, and click Go
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