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Before you install SharePoint, let’s see what was changed with the prerequisites and set up
SMTP for incoming email.
Confirming Prerequisites Installed
To start, you should find a bunch of new folders in both the Program Files and Program Files
x86 folders, as shown in Figure 2.7 and Figure 2.8. The folders selected in these figures are
those added by the prerequisite installation and tell you that it worked. In the Program Files
folder, there are folders for the SQL 2008 native client, Microsoft Sync Framework, .NET 3.5 (the
Reference Assemblies folder), Windows Identity Foundation, MSBuild (which has to do with
Windows Workflow Foundation, another requirement of SharePoint), and ADOMD.NET (the
Microsoft.NET folder).
The Program
Files folder after
the prerequisite
Like Program Files, the Program Files x86 folder also contains folders for SQL Server (for
the SQL native client and Reporting Services add-on), Microsoft .NET, Windows Identity
Foundation, MSBuild, and Reference Assemblies. In addition, unique to Program Files x86 are
the Microsoft Chart Controls and MSECache folders. Interestingly, the chart controls and the
cached information about the SharePoint installation are both x86 material.
If you’ve been counting, that still leaves the Microsoft Filter Pack 2.0 and speech recognition
missing. Those files are located under Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared, in
the Filters and Speech folders, respectively. You can see in Figure 2.9 that the creation date of
those folders is much later than the other folders (in fact, it matches the date of the prerequisite
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