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Service. There is also the sandboxed solution, SPUserCodeV4, with all of its necessary components.
Essentially, anything that is particularly difficult to set up has its own application pool, service
account, or database and can be backed up with the intention of restoring with the rest of the farm.
FIGURE 11.51
a backup: Step 1
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To create a backup of a SharePoint server farm, you need to have SharePoint installed.
Ironically, to restore using a SharePoint backup, you must do so from SharePoint, meaning it has
to be installed in order to run a restore.
This means that to do a full restore, you first have to install SharePoint, and then you can
run the restore. It is still, obviously, worth doing, because you get all your content and settings
back. But it does mean that there is already a configuration and AdminContent database
running, so they don’t necessarily get restored. This is why I don’t encourage extensive changes to
the Central Administration site itself; instead, you can make subsites or site collections in a web
application to back up and restore granularly instead.
Before you perform a backup, it helps to know a few things. A backup or restore is
considered a one-time, on-demand timer job. Therefore, the timer service must be running in order
for the backup to happen. In addition, it helps to have the administration service (WSSADMIN
in Task Manager) running when you back up, and it is critical for success when doing restores.
SharePoint Backup uses the SharePoint 2010 Administration Service to access local server
resources, and it uses the Volume Shadow Copy service of both the local server and possibly the
SQL server that is hosting SharePoint’s databases (depending on how you installed SharePoint).
This is why the Administration service must be running when you do a backup. However,
the Windows SharePoint Services VSS Writer service can be set to Manual and will run if
SharePoint needs it. Keep in mind that the Administration service is not enabled by default on
Standalone installations of SharePoint.
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