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You must have a location to store the backups, and that location needs to be accessible from the
server you are backing up (it should go without saying that you don’t want to back up locally). In
addition, if you are doing a backup from the SharePoint GUI, you need to give the timer service
permission to read and write to the location (in our case that’s dem0tek\spffarm), and if you are
going to use STSADM or PowerShell to do the backup (you might want to schedule it as a task),
the login account that you are doing the backup with needs access as well. Depending on how
you have SharePoint installed, you will need to add the SQL server’s service account (or for a
Standalone installation, the computer account of the server) to the location as well so it can copy
database information.
Backing up is a two-step process. First you select the things you want to back up, and then
you specify the configuration settings, type of backup, and backup location. On the first backup
page is where you can see that there is a convenient Readiness check list at the top of the page,
letting you know whether the Timer and Administration services are running and that there
are no other backup or restore jobs in progress (there can be only one running at a time). This is
also where you specify the components to back up (including the entire farm).
The second page, Step 2 Of 2, is where you decide whether you are doing a full or
incremental backup (if you are backing up for the first time, it must be full; then after that can be
differentials), as well as if you want to back up just the configuration data or configuration and
all contents. Choosing to back up the configuration means that you can restore all
configuration settings for the farm to a new installation without all that pesky (and important) content.
Usually you back up everything. Finally, on that page (Figure 11.52), you have to specify the
location where the backup will go (with a convenient display of the estimated amount of space
the backup will take).
FIGURE 11.52
Performing a
backup: Step 2
Of 2 page
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