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single site. Export creates .cmp files, which are a kind of .cab file and are imported into
existing site collections or subsites. Like the STSADM Export command, this setting allows you to
choose to export with full security (meaning that data such as who made what is retained) and
the type of versioning for each file or list item. Like backups of site collections, these export files
can be imported only using STSADM or PowerShell. As you can see in Figure 11.59, you first
select the site collection, then the site, and even the list or library to export. Then you specify the
location and name of the export file. Like the site collection backup, the farm account does need
access to the location for the export to work.
FIGURE 11.58
The Site Collection
Backup page
FIGURE 11.59
The Site Or List
Export page
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