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a server feature. There are a couple of ways to go to enable server features, but we’re going to use
the Server Manager console.
1. Open the Server Manager console, and either scroll to the server features summary on
the summary page or click Features in the navigation pane (Figure 2.16). That will bring
up the list of server features already enabled in the summary area. To the right of that list
is an Add Features link. Click that to add our new feature, SMTP.
Features Summary
in Server Manager
When you click the Add Features link, the Add Features Wizard opens, displaying the
Select Features page, which lists the available features for the server. Features already
enabled have a check mark in the box next to them; those with a subset of features enabled
are filled in.
2. Scroll down in the Features list until you can see SMTP Server listed (Figure 2.17). Select
its check box.
3. When you select SMTP Server, a dialog box will open, displaying the additional
subfeatures that must be enabled in order to enable SMTP (Figure 2.18). You can’t avoid
installing them if you want SMTP, so click the Add Required Role Services button.
This will take you back to the Add Features Wizard, but now there is a check mark in the
box next to SMTP Server.
4. To continue with enabling SMTP, just click Next in the wizard window.
This will bring you to the Web Server (IIS) page. Here you can read about what the Web
Server role does. You’ll also find information about the Windows Resource Manager and
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