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In Depth Information
what the default installation of IIS does, as well as links for additional information. This
is very useful if you’ve never seen or used IIS before.
As you can also see on this page of the wizard (Figure 2.19), there are a few steps to cover
before SMTP is enabled. They are entirely automated, but it is nice to have a road map of
what’s going to happen.
The Add Features
Wizard, SMTP
Server listed
The dialog box for
additional role
services and features
5. Click Next to continue with enabling SMTP.
This will take you to an IIS role services page (Figure 2.20). This just shows you what IIS
role services are available for the IIS role, along with which ones are enabled and which
ones aren’t. Basically everything that is checked but grayed out is already enabled, any
that are black but checked are required for enabling SMTP (ODBC Logging; all the other
requirements were already enabled), and the only things not enabled at this point are
FTP Services, Custom Logging, WebDAV publishing, and IIS Hostable Web Core.
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