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Indent Text
chapter 6
Formatting Text
Set Precise Indents
1 Click anywhere in the paragraph
you want to indent.
2 Click the Home tab on the
3 Click the corner group button (
in the Paragraph group.
The Paragraph dialog box appears.
4 Type a specific indentation in the
Left or Right indent text boxes.
You can also click to set an
indent measurement.
To set a specific kind of indent, you
can click the Special
and then
click an indent.
The Preview area shows a sample of
the indent.
5 Click OK.
Word applies the indent to the text.
What is the difference between
an indent and a tab?
You use tabs to create columnar
text across a page, whereas indents
control where a paragraph or line
of text starts in relation to the
margins. However, you can press
to quickly create an indent for
a line of text or for the first line of a
paragraph. By default, pressing
indents the text by 0.5 inches.
Can I set indents using the Word
Yes. You can drag the indent marker ( )
on the ruler bar to quickly set an indent.
If the ruler is not shown, position your
mouse pointer over the top of the work
area and pause. The ruler opens and
displays markers for changing the left
indent, right indent, first-line indent, and
hanging indent. You can position your
mouse pointer over each marker to
identify the correct one.
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