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Set Margins
chapter 6
Formatting Text
Set a Custom Margin
1 Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon.
2 Click the Margins button.
3 Click Custom Margins .
The Page Setup dialog box opens, with
the Margins tab shown.
4 Type a specific margin in the Top ,
Bottom , Left , and Right boxes.
You can also click
to set a margin
5 Choose a page orientation.
6 Preview the margin settings in the
Preview section.
7 Click the Apply To and specify
whether the margin should apply to the
whole document or from this point in the
document forward.
8 Click OK.
Word immediately adjusts the margin in
the document.
How do I set new
default margins for all
of my Word documents?
If your company or
organization consistently
uses the same margins, you
can choose those settings
as the default for every new
document that you open in Word. To do so, make
the desired changes to the Margins tab of the Page
Setup dialog box, and then click Set As Default .
I set new margins, but
my printer did not
follow them. Why not?
Use caution when setting
margins that are too wide.
Some printers have a
minimum margin in which
nothing can be printed. For
example, with many printers, anything less than
0.25 inches is outside the printable area. Be sure
to test the margins, or check your printer
documentation for more information.
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