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Create Lists
You can set off lists of information in your
documents by using bullets or numbers. A
bulleted list adds dots in front of each list item,
whereas a numbered list adds sequential numbers
in front of each list item. Bulleted and numbered
lists can help you keep your information better
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Create Lists
Set Quick Lists
1 Select the text that you want to format.
2 Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
3 Click a list button.
You can click the Bullets button (
) to
create a bulleted list.
You can click the Numbering button
) to create a numbered list.
You can click the Multilevel List button
) to create a multi-level list.
Word applies the formatting to the list.
This example shows a bulleted list.
To add more text to the list, you can click
at the end of the line and press
Word immediately starts a new line in
the list with a bullet or number.
To turn off a bulleted or numbered list,
you can press twice after the last
item in the list, or click the Bullets
), Numbering (
), or Multilevel
List (
) button.
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