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Chapter 7: Adding Extra Touches
chapter 7
Adding Extra Touches
Create a Custom Theme
1 Apply a theme and edit the
formatting to create the theme
that you want to save.
2 Click the Page Layout tab on the
3 Click the Themes button.
4 Click Save Current Theme .
The Save Current Theme dialog
box appears.
5 Type a unique name for the
By default, Word saves the theme
to the Document Themes folder
so that it is accessible in the
Themes Gallery.
6 Click Save .
Word saves the theme and adds it
to the list of available themes.
I applied a theme, but my document did not change. Why?
If you assign styles such as headings to your document, you will better see
the difference that an applied theme can make. Themes are even more
pronounced when you assign a background color to a page. To add a
background color, click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon and then click
the Page Color button in the Page Background group of controls. When
you click a color from the palette, Word immediately assigns it to the page.
To apply a heading style, select the text to which you want to apply the
style, click the Home tab on the Ribbon, and then click a style in the Styles
list. If the style you want to apply is not shown, click the More button (
to see the full palette of available styles.
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