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Add Borders
chapter 7
Adding Extra Touches
Add a Page Border
1 Click the Page Layout tab on the
2 Click the Page Borders button.
The Borders and Shading dialog
box appears, and displays the
Page Border tab.
3 Click the type of border that you
want to add.
You can use these settings to
select a different border line style,
color, and width.
You can set a graphical border
using this option.
The Preview area displays a
sample of the selections.
4 Click OK.
Word applies the border to the
How do I add shading to my
text instead of a border?
To add shading behind a block of
text, you can use the Shading tool,
which is located on the Home tab
in the Paragraph group. Simply
select the text you want to shade;
then click the Shading button (
How do I create a custom border?
You can create a custom border — for
example, making each border line a different
color or thickness. To do so, select the text
you want to border. Then open the Borders
and Shading dialog box, click the Borders
tab, and choose Custom . Choose the settings
that you want to apply to the first line; then
click in the Preview area where you want
the line to appear. Repeat this process for each line that
you want to add, and then click OK.
and click a color to apply. Word
immediately applies the shading to
the selected text.
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