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Create Columns
chapter 7
Adding Extra Touches
Create Custom Columns
1 Select the text that you want to
place into columns.
2 Click the Page Layout tab on the
3 Click the Columns button.
4 Click More Columns .
The Columns dialog box appears.
5 Click a preset for the type of
column style that you want to
You can also specify the number
of columns here.
You can set an exact column
width and spacing here.
You can specify whether the
columns apply to the selected text
or the entire document.
You can include a vertical line
separating the columns.
6 Click OK.
Word applies the column format
to the selected text.
How do I wrap column text
around a picture?
Click the picture or other object
that you want to wrap, click the
Format tab, click the Wrap Text
button, and then click the type of
wrapping that you want to apply.
For example, select Tight to
allow column text to flow neatly
around the image, regardless of where you move the
image in the column area.
How do I create a break within a
You can add a column break by first clicking
where you want the break to occur and
then pressing + + . To
remove a break, select it and press Delete .
To return to a one-column format, click the
Columns button on the Page Layout tab,
and then select the single-column format.
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