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Insert a Table
chapter 7
Adding Extra Touches
Insert a Quick Table
1 Click in the document where you
want to insert a table.
2 Click the Insert tab on the
3 Click the Table button.
4 Click Quick Tables .
You can use the scroll bar to scroll
through the available tables.
5 Click the table that you want to
Word adds the table to the
You can click inside a cell and
replace the “dummy” data with
your own text.
Can I create a customized table?
Yes. You can create a customized
table by drawing the table. When you
do, you control the table’s size and
how the rows and columns appear.
To draw a table, click the Table
button in the Insert tab and choose
Draw Table . Then drag across the
document to draw an outside border for your table.
Drag an internal line to delineate a row or column in
your table; continue adding inner lines to build your
table cells.
How do I enter and
edit data in my table?
After you create a table,
you can press to
move from one cell to
another, or you can click
in the cell in which you
want to add or edit data.
As you type data, Word wraps the text to fit
the current cell size. You can select cells,
rows, and columns in a table to perform
editing tasks and apply formatting.
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