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Add Headers and Footers
Add Headers
and Footers
To add text that you want to appear at the
top or bottom of every page — such as the
title of your document, the author name,
or the date — you can use headers and
footers. Header text appears at the very
top of the page outside the text margin;
footer text appears at the very bottom.
Add Headers and Footers
Add a Header or Footer
1 Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
2 Click the Header button to add a
header, or click the Footer button
to add a footer.
3 Click the type of header or footer
that you want to add.
This example adds a header.
Word adds the header and displays
the Header & Footer Tools tab.
4 To create header text, click the field
in the header area and type your
5 If the header style you chose
includes a date, click the Date field
and choose a date from the
calendar that appears.
You can click the Quick Parts
button to insert additional fields.
You can insert more headers and
footers using these controls.
6 Click the Close Header and
Footer button.
Word closes the Header & Footer
Tools tab.
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