Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
chapter 7
Adding Extra Touches
Insert an Endnote
1 Click where you want to insert the
footnote reference.
2 Click the References tab on the
3 Click the Insert Endnote button.
4 Type your note text at the bottom
of the last page of the document.
The endnote number appears
To return to the reference mark in
the document, you can
doubleclick the endnote number.
How can I reset the footnote number in my document?
If you need to reset the footnote number, perhaps for a new chapter in
the document, click the References tab on the Ribbon and click the
corner group button ( ) in Footnotes group. The Footnote and Endnote
dialog box appears. Next, click inside the Start at text box and type a
number, or use the spin arrow (
) to set a new number (
). Click Apply
to apply the changes to the document.
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