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Insert Page Numbers and Page Breaks
chapter 7
Adding Extra Touches
Insert Page Breaks
1 Click in the document where you
want to insert a page break.
2 Click the Insert tab on the
3 Click the Page Break button.
Word assigns the page break.
Is there a faster way to insert a
page break?
Yes. You can use keyboard shortcuts
to quickly insert a page break
as you type in your document.
You can insert a manual page break
by pressing + . You can
also insert a line break by pressing
Can I change the number style
used in my document’s page
Yes. Click the Page Number button
on the Insert tab, and then click
Format Page Numbers . This opens
the Page Number Format dialog box.
You can change the number style to
Roman numerals, alphabetical, and
more. You can also include chapter
numbers with your page numbers.
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